Family History
Rothe Development’s founder Wilhelm “Bill” Rothe was born and grew up in Germany where he studied art and was a swimmer in the Olympics prior to starting his career at a private Berlin firm designing gyroscopes for ships, tanks, and rockets. Both Wilhelm and his brother Heinrich then emigrated to the United States after the end of WWII as part of Werner von Braun’s “Operation Paperclip” team of rocket scientists. Until 1960, Bill served as the chief of design for gyro stabilizers and assistant to the chief of the guidance and control division for the Army Ballistic Missile Agency at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, working on the Saturn V rocket. Later in his career, he spent time in senior engineering positions with New York commercial firms. He moved to San Antonio in 1965 to lead the local office of System Research Laboratory, providing engineering support services to the Brooks Air Force Base School of Aerospace Medicine.
1967-1973 : Establishment and early growth

In 1967, Bill and Heinrich started their own small business, Rothe Development, Inc. to provide support to their employer System Research Laboratory. Their company, started as a real-estate holding endeavor with corporate offices and laboratory space at 4614 Sinclair Road, San Antonio, Texas. The business quickly transitioned to an engineering research and development firm, to support Systems Research Laboratories throughout the closure of their San Antonio offices. Rothe Development eventually took over Systems Research Laboratory’s equipment, office, and laboratory space as well as some of their remaining business in 1970. The corporation quickly went to work as a small engineering firm performing a variety of work:

Through this diverse work scope, Bill Rothe maintained the vision and goal of serving the high technology sector of the growing space industry.

1973-1986 : Government service contracts in San Antonio and Houston; Commercial Calibration

1973 marked Rothe Development’s entry into more prominent government service contracts with Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) services at Kelly AFB. This successful contract was followed on by small, but vital, engineering and software work at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) and the startup, staffing, and operation of the San Antonio Air Force Data Services Center (SADSC) in 1976– the Air Force’s first fee-for-service computing center in the country. Our past performance on SADSC contributed to Rothe winning the Central Shop Support Services (CSSS) at JSC supporting the Technical Service Division and Manufacturing, Materials, and Process Technology Division of the Engineering Directorate starting in 1978. At JSC, Rothe engineers participated in various activities supporting the Space Shuttle Program through small contracts with the Engineering directorate including the following:

On the CSSS, Rothe performed development and fabrication supporting missions such as the LEASAT Salvaging Mission STS-51-I, the Orbital Refueling System on STS-41-G, and the Teacher in Space Project on STS-51-L. For the Teacher in Space Project, Rothe Development engineers and manufacturers built a detailed model of the space station that was to be used by Christa McAuliffe as a teaching aid.

Other work for the Air Force included hydraulic test stands and stability augmenter test set for T-38 and F-8 aircraft, as well as design and construction of instrumentation and control consoles for hyperbaric and hypobaric chambers at Kelly AFB.

To diversify the Rothe footprint, a Calibration lab was established in 1976, serving commercial as well as government customers such as JSC.

1986-1997 : AF Contracts Expanded Reach; Consistent Service

1986 marked the beginning of Rothe’s expansion into more significant DoD service contracts outside of Texas. Experience from Rothe’s continued service at SADSC led to base computer system support contracts at Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi and Minneapolis Air Force Reserve station in Minnesota. This period also included the computer-based training system support contract at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS. All three of these contracts were successfully re-competed at least once and Rothe’s service was sustained for at least 10 years at each location.

Meanwhile, Rothe’s work in San Antonio and Houston continued to grow in strength through many successful re-competes. Rothe employees at SADSC helped the organization adjust to changing requirements brought by the Base Realignment and Closure committee in the early 1990s, under which SADSC became Defense Information System Agency (DISA).

CSSS supported many Space Shuttle missions as a manufacturer of tools and parts, as well as the last process step of cleaning and prepping of most extra vehicular hardware being shipped to Cape Canaveral for launch. During this period, CSSS’s role increased to repairing electronic measurement equipment used across the center (a role later moved to the Manufacturing and Calibration Services [MACS] contract).

1997-2007 : Change, Transition, and Diversification

1997 brought a period of change to Rothe Development. First, Bill Rothe retired and transferred ownership of the business to Suzanne Patenaude. This transformed Rothe Development into a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).

1997 also brought the transition of the long-standing CSSS contract to the Manufacturing and Calibration Services (MACS). This contract increased Rothe’s role in all parts of JSC’s manufacturing functions, while creating a focus on JSC’s Structural Engineering Division, and adding the site-wide Calibration Lab. Rothe’s MACS contract was performed until it was consolidated into Science, Engineering and Technology (SEAT) Contract, increasing the visibility of the manufacturing and production work, including the following:

The MACS contract represented Rothe’s pioneering effort of developing Reimbursable Space Act Agreement (RSAA) with the JSC’s Engineering Directorate to allow external commercial work in the NASA manufacturing shops and calibration lab, using excess capacity and offsetting costs through reimbursements to JSC.

As an extension of the calibration lab on the MACS contract, Rothe opened a small commercial calibration lab in 2001 in the NASA/JSC area operated by Rothe Enterprises, a newly formed HUBZone certified small business affiliate incorporated in 2000. The lab earned its ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification in 2002. In 2004, the commercial calibration lab was expanded to facilitate Rothe’s entry into the commercial manufacturing market.

From 2003 to 2006 Rothe became a subcontractor on four major service contracts at NASA:

In the DoD sector, Rothe won the Communication and Visual Information Services at the US Air Force Academy in 2002 as a partner in Rohmann Joint Venture (RJV). This contract provided services such as IT systems operations and maintenance, mobile voice communication systems, multimedia, television production, photography professional services, secure video teleconference system, and information management for the 9500 personnel at the academy. We were responsible for activities ranging from training operations to documenting academy football games and practice. In 2008 Rothe won the Air Force Network Operations Enterprise Service Desk contract providing operations support, training, and migration support.

2007-Present: Alliant Small Business; NASA Excellence

2007 marks the year that Rothe was selected as a contract winner for GSA’s Alliant Small Business (ASB) Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) as RX Joint Venture with partner X-Technologies. Task orders won and performed beginning in 2009 under this schedule included the following:

At JSC, Rothe supported successful re-competes as subcontractors on NSOC, CMC, and CAMS. Major accomplishments included continued quality work while winning awards for increased commercial use of the NBL and transition of each training facility after Shuttle retirement including packaging mockups for shipment to museums.

On its commercial side, Rothe achieved and maintained ISO Quality certifications for each of its commercial calibration labs as well as American Society for Quality (ASQ) certifications for its calibration technicians. In Houston, Rothe sold its manufacturing division in 2011 and moved operations to Hercules Avenue, expanding space for our growing Commercial Calibration lab. To date, Rothe is a leading presence in Texas in the form of direct pickup and delivery or mobile/on-site calibrations and across the United States through shipments.

In 2016, REI successfully competes for the Specialized Engineering, Aeronautics, and Manufacturing (SEAM) as a HUBZone company. The effort is Multiple-Award with Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) and Time-and-Materials (T&M) task orders. Task orders for Fabrication and Provisioning. Including task orders with specific materials, Military Specification (MILSPEC) hardware, and fabrication of aircraft flight hardware for the following vehicles:

2017 was a busy year for Rothe Development, Inc. It is the year Rothe Development, Inc. celebrated 50 years of continued service. The Houston commercial calibration lab successfully transitioned over to Rothe Development, Inc.

Rothe Enterprises, Inc became a subcontractor on two major service contracts at NASA with URS (AECOM). In Huntsville, Alabama, Rothe returns to MSFC and joins URS (AECOM) on the contract Facilities, Operations, Maintenance Support Services, (FOMMS) with fabrication support. At KSC, Rothe joined URS (AECOM) on the Laboratory Support Services and Operations (LASSO) contract supporting the KSC Calibration Laboratories

At JSC, Rothe supported successful re-competes as subcontractors on CMC3 and NOC (the NBL portion of the NSOC contract).


RDI is the foundational Rothe Company, sharing common ownership and management with REI. RDI provides business management support, Human Resources (HR) support, subcontract management support, procurement support, and a proven quality management system (QMS) thus making REI and RDI affiliate companies.

Rothe Development, Inc. (RDI) is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing NASA, DOD, and commercial services involving network communications management, other IT Services, administrative support, logistic services, precision calibration services, operations/maintenance, engineering, design, and fabrication.

Rothe Enterprises, Inc. (REI) is a certified Small Business Administration (SBA) Certified HUBZone and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing NASA and the DOD with operations control, scheduling, facility logistics, engineering, provisioning, fabrication, and Information Technology (IT) services.

Professional Certifications/Affiliations


Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE)

Registration Number: F-9196.


OSHA Star VPP Website.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

On-site under Team Raytheon NOC Contract.

Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) Certified

SBA Profile.

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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIAA Website.

National Contract Management Association

NCMA Website.

Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership

BAHEP Website.

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RDI Timeline


RDI awarded subcontract to Rohmann Services on NASA/JSC Calibration and Metrology Services (CAMS-III) contract.


ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006 Accreditation.


RX Joint Venture (RXJV), with RDI as managing partner, awarded Administrative and Information Technology Support Services contract for the Program Executive Office Special Operations Forces Support Activity (PEO SOFSA) – Lexington Blue Grass Station, KY/Fort Bragg, NC.


RX Joint Venture (RXJV), with RDI as managing partner, awarded US Air Force (USAF) ACC CSS Video Teleconference (VTC) Manpower – Langley AFB, VA.


RX Joint Venture (RXJV), with RDI as managing partner, awarded US Air Force (USAF) Battle Control System contract at Tyndall AFB, FL.


RX Joint Venture (RXJV), with RDI as managing partner, awarded US Air Force (USAF) Public Affairs Agency (PAA) contract at Langley AFB, VA.


RX Joint Venture (RXJV), with RDI as managing partner, awarded C4IM contract for Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC) at Norfolk, VA.


RX Joint Venture (RXJV), with RDI as managing partner, awarded Corporate Services Support: Information Management (CSS:IM) for USTRANSCOM – Scott AFB, IL.


RDI awarded subcontract to Rohmann Services on NASA/JSC Calibration and Metrology Services (CAMS-II) contract.


RDI awarded subcontract to Raytheon on NASA/JSC NBL and SVMF Operations Contract (NSOC-II).


RDI awarded subcontract to Information Innovators, Inc. for Air Force Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) supporting all personnel at CONUS and OCONUS Air Force Bases.


RX Joint Venture (RXJV), with RDI as managing partner, awarded Alliant Small Business Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) issued by the General Service Agency (GSA).


RDI awarded subcontract to Rohmann Services on NASA/JSC Calibration and Metrology Services (CAMS-I) contract.


Rothe awarded prime contractor on Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for Information Technology Services Support.


RDI awarded prime contractor for Communications and Computer Systems Contract (CCSC) – Minneapolis St. Paul Air Reserve Station, MN.


RDI awarded subcontract to Raytheon on NASA/JSC NBL and SVMF Operations Contract (NSOC-I).


RDI’S MACS contract restructured by NASA and moved under Lockheed Martin’s Science, Engineering, Analysis, and Test (SEAT) contract.


RDI awarded subcontract to Rohmann Services for Communications and Visual Information Services Contract (C&VIS) – USAF Academy, CO.


Rohmann Joint Venture (RJV), with RDI as minor partner, awarded prime contractor of Services for Communications and Visual Information Services Contract (C&VIS) – USAF Academy, CO.


RDI ISO 9001 Quality Certification.


Rothe pioneers active use of NASA/JSC Space Act Agreement (SAA) to perform commercial services on MACS.


CSSS work transitions to Manufacturing and Calibration Services (MACS) contract at NASA/JSC.


Change of ownership to Susie Patenaude and beginning of Rothe as a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).


Rothe awarded prime contractor on Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for Information Technology Services Support.


Rothe awarded prime contractor to support Communications Computer Operations Contract by the 934th Communications Flight, Minneapolis-St. Paul Air Reserve Station.


Rothe awarded prime contractor to Communications Computer Operations Contract by the 14th Contracting Squadron, Columbus AFB.


Rothe awarded prime contractor to Computer Operations Support Services Contract by 81st Contracting Squadron, Keesler AFB.


Rothe supports STS-51L with detailed model of the space station for use by Teacher in Space Christa McAuliffe during planned live broadcast, NASA/JSC.


Rothe supports 51I LEASAT Salvaging Mission, NASA/JSC.


Novated Central Shop Support Services (CSSS), NASA/JSC, with 6 consecutive re-awards through 1997.


Rothe starts calibration laboratory serving commercial and government.


Awarded San Antonio Air Force Data Processing Center (SADPC).

First contract to develop space shuttle hand controller design requirements at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC).


Awarded Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) services at Kelly Air Force Base.


Rothe Development, Inc. established.




Rothe Enterprises, Inc (REI) joins the Prime ARES Corporation on the Kennedy Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) Program (LX) Support Services Contract Three (KLXS III) contract. On the KLXS III contract, Rothe Enterprises, Inc. will support ARES in providing engineering, and technical services, program and business management support services and administrative support services to the EGS Program.


Rothe Enterprises, Inc (REI) was awarded the Wallops Metrology Calibration Laboratory, (WMCL) Services contract as the Prime to be performed at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) in Wallops Island, VA. The WMCL Services Core contract includes supporting Wallops Flight Facility with calibration and metrology services. The WMCL IDIQ portion will support external customers with calibration and metrology.


Rothe Enterprises, Inc. (REI), joins the KBR team in support of the Launch Range Operations Contract (ROC2) at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) in Wallops Island, VA. The Range Operations Contract (ROC) work includes launch range operations support with radar, telemetry, logistics, tracking, and communications services for flight vehicles including orbital and suborbital rockets, aircraft, satellites, balloons, and unmanned aerial systems. Additional services include information and computer systems services; testing, modifying and installing communications and electronic systems at launch facilities, launch control centers, and test facilities. This contract also supports Range Technology sustainment engineering services.


The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) Operations Contract (NOC) is a follow-on to NBL-specific content of NSOC (where SVMF content was moved to a separate contract). Similarly, NOC supports high-visibility International Space Station (ISS) training events, Extravehicular Activity (EVA)/Intra-vehicular Activity (IVA) testing, on-orbit anomaly simulations, and special events and projects, including VIP activities, press relations, and executive communications within the NBL. RDI managers, designers, technicians, divers, fabricators, and administrators support mission–critical efforts as a subcontractor by continuing to use an agile and flexible integrated team of skilled personnel. Rothe continues to participate in the critical area of the External Customer Office (ECO), continuing to accomplish cost offsets and additional revenue through the commercial use of the NBL’s excess capacity.


Joint Operations and Integrated Systems Technology (JOIST)

As Prime, RDI performs the JOIST Baseline B Contract providing critical operations and business support functions to JSC Flight Operations Directorate (FOD). An experienced FOD partner, RDI provides high quality IT Projects/FOD IT (FIT) Services, Software Services, and Planning, Integration, and Control (PIC)/Configuration Management (CM) Services to meet the NASA FOD mission.

CAMS 1,2,3,4: NASA/JSC

Calibration and Metrology Services (CAMS)

Rothe Development, Inc. (RDI), as a significant member of Rohmann Services Team, operates the Metrology Systems and Calibration Laboratory at NASA/JSC. This contract provides electronic and physical calibration for over 18,000 items of test equipment annually to government and contractor facilities. RDI has been a contributor on this contract since 2006. Rothe work functions include calibration, calibration repair, configuration management, property management, facility operations and maintenance, I.T., Safety and Health, and Quality Management.


Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) and Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF) Operations Contract (NSOC)

NSOC supported high-visibility International Space Station (ISS) training events, (Space Walk) Extravehicular Activity (EVA)/Intra-vehicular Activity (IVA) training and testing, on-orbit anomaly simulations, and special events and projects, including VIP activities, press relations, and executive communication within the NBL and SVMF facilities. RDI fabricated, modified, and maintained the low and high-fidelity full-scale ISS mockups and trainers at the NASA/JSC Sonny Carter Training Facility and SVMF (building 9). These facilities were used to train astronauts and instructors for living and working in space. RDI supported mission–critical efforts as a subcontractor, continuously since 2003, using an agile and flexible integrated team of skilled personnel. In addition, RDI provided leadership in the critical area of the External Customer Office (ECO), accomplishing over $11M in cost savings offsets through the commercial use of the NBL’s excess capacity. The NBL pool size is 202 ft Long by 102 ft wide by 40 ft deep.


Air Force Enterprise Service Desk (ESD)

As a team member, Rothe provided support to the Enterprise IT Service Desk (ESD). The ESD directly supported the AFNETOPS mission to provide help desk network support to all personnel at CONUS and OCONUS U.S. Air Force bases on a 24x7x365 basis. Through the AFNETOPS ESD initiative, the Air Force sought to improve the delivery and consistency of IT services while gaining efficiencies, through the consolidation of NCC help desk operations and leveraging the latest in technological advances, providing a virtualized one-stop shop for all users supporting a projected 121 bases and approximately 700,000 user accounts.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA): Information Technology Services Support

Rothe Development, Inc. (RDI) provided operations support of a large computer center for the Defense Information Systems Agency. The RDI team provided:

This contract was terminated after the bulk of the workload was redistributed or consolidated to other DISA facilities business consolidations, realignments, and IT platform modernizations. The remaining functions were transitioned, by the Government, to in-house civil servant employees.

Communications and Visual Information Services Contract (C&VIS): USAF Academy, CO

Rothe Development, Inc. (RDI) performed telecommunications, information systems, and media services at the US Air Force Academy as part of Rohmann Joint Venture, LLC. Our team provided Electronic Communication Maintenance to include Workload Control and all maintenance on: Air Traffic Control (ATC) electronic communications equipment and associated antennas, PA equipment, Falcon CCTV equipment, television production/studio equipment, TVD equipment, PWC equipment, and all audiovisual equipment.

We performed Software Engineering and System Support for Cadet Administrative Management Information System (CAMIS); managed Telephone Management Administration Support; performed customer service and administrative support for the 10th Communication Squadron Telephone Systems Management (SCMT) Section. Operated Base Information Transfer Center (BITC) to provide official mail service to USAFA and tenant organizations, provided pick-up/delivery, and provided metering services to include accountable mail management and directory services. Managed the Publications and Forms Management Programs including review, editing, and publishing all USAFA publications, periodicals, and nonrecurring pamphlets. Managed all USAFA forms including approving reprints and overprints of existing forms IAW AFI 37-161 while maintaining the USAFA electronic Publications and Forms website. Provided Media Services including graphics, photography, audio/visual production services, audio/visual equipment self-help, and presentation and public address services. We continue to perform services as a subcontractor to prime contractor Digital Management, Inc.

Communications and Computer Systems Contract (CCSC): Minneapolis St. Paul Air Reserve Station, MN

Rothe Development, Inc. (RDI) performed telecommunications services supporting the 934th Airlift Wing (USAF Reserve) at the Minneapolis St. Paul Air Reserve Station, including classified and unclassified networks, servicing user accounts, operating consolidated help desk, and conducting training classes for commonly-used software. Our staff consisted of dedicated MCSEs, MCSAs, Microsoft Office Specialists, HP ASEs, CCNAs, MCPs, A+ Technicians, and support personnel.

General Service Agency (GSA): Alliant Small Business (ASB) Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

RX Joint Venture (RXJV) is the prime contractor under this GWAC (with Rothe Development, Inc. as the managing partner) of the joint venture with X Technologies, Inc. Our experience includes the following task orders:

Corporate Services Support: Information Management (CSS:IM) for USTRANSCOM at Scott AFB, IL

The USTRANSCOM contract was awarded as a Task Order under the GSA Alliant Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC). RXJV provides Helpdesk, Desktop Customer, and Service Desk Support for USTRANSCOM customers. We provide proactive event management and technical assistance, perform Duty Controller Services, evaluate and recommend customer-centric monitoring processes and statistics, collect and report the performance monitoring, and provide Service Assurance System Administration. RXJV provides PC hardware/software deployment support and configures/maintains workstations. We provide special C4 support functions and 24/7 coverage for the Global Command and Control Center. RXJV provides Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Knowledge Management Services including internet software applications development and management of the Infrastructure Management Services SharePoint Server and information. We also provide network support, SAN (Storage Area Network) support, and operate and maintain the Office Information System (OIS) in addition to supporting email and providing ADPE Equipment Custodian (EC) functions.

Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC): Norfolk, VA

This provided a single JECC C4S Support task order. RXJV provided: Tier 2 Touch Maintenance, Customer Support, PC Maintenance and Software Management Support, Special C4 Support Function, Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) Equipment Custodian (EC), Functional Area Communications and Computer Systems Manager (FACCSM) Duties, Information Systems (IS) Services Support, Network Support, Audio/Visual and Video Teleconference Support and Operations, Telecommunications Support, Critical Infrastructure Protection, SharePoint/Portal Engineering, Knowledge Management, and Travel Support.

US Air Force (USAF) Public Affairs Agency (PAA): Langley AFB, VA

Public Affairs contract provides information management, communications, information technology, and visual information technology management support to facilitate the public affairs visual information missions at Air Force headquarters (SAF and HAF), major commands (MAJCOMs), field operating agencies (FOAs), direct reporting units (DRUs), and Air Force bases and units in the Continental United States and overseas. Provide AFPAA and all commanders with guidance on technology/systems for Air Force photo, broadcasting, journalism, graphics, and video capabilities. Guide Air Force units through systems and equipment fielding, operations, training, and policy issues.

US Air Force (USAF) Battle Control System at Tyndall AFB (BCS-T): FL

RX Joint Venture (RXJV) provides software/systems engineering and sustainment of the Battle Control System – Tyndall (BCS-T) training system at Tyndall AFB. The BCS-T is used to familiarize Air Battle Managers (ABMs) with basic combat principles, concepts, procedures, and tactics prior to operational assignment. The two subsystems consist of operator consoles used for training. The scope includes software/systems engineering and logistics support, maintain system in full mission capable condition, maintain spares, address identified system deficiency and obsolescence issues, maintain all current external interface capabilities, maintain system operational functionality, maintain certification and accreditation of the training system, meet or exceed Reliability/Maintainability/Availability (RMA) standards, maintain training system and all equipment in mission capable condition and furnish appropriately skilled labor for the management of the training system.

Program Executive Office Special Operations Forces Support Activity (PEO SOFSA): Lexington Blue Grass Station, KY & Fort Bragg, NC

RX Joint Venture, LLC (RXJV) provides professional administrative, software development, standard procurement system administration and project officer/facilitator support for the Program Executive Office, Special Operations Command Support Activity (PEO SOFSA).

US Air Force (USAF) ACC CSS Video Teleconference (VTC) Manpower: Langley AFB, VA

ACC VTC contract provides mission critical VTC support to ensure IT equipment is operational and capability is available to support HQ ACC and Langley AFB VTC mission requirements. Strategize, design, develop, document, and maintain application, system, and network architectural designs.

Base Network Control Center (BNCC): Columbus AFB, Columbus MS

Rothe Enterprises, Inc. (REI) performed Telecommunications and Information Technology support services for the 14th Flying Training Wing (US Air Force Air Training Command) at Columbus AFB, MS. Our staff consisted of dedicated certified IT professionals and support personnel who were available 24/7.

Training Devices Support Services: Ft. Rucker, AL

Rothe Enterprises, Inc. (REI) was responsible for fabricating, maintaining, operating, storing, and dispensing of training aids, devices, and systems utilized for training Army Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard units throughout the entire southeastern region of the U.S.. We additionally serviced units outside of the southeastern region that requiried specialized training only offered at Fort Rucker.


Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

13000 Space Center Blvd




Johnson Space Center

2101 East NASA Parkway






White Sands Missile Range


Kennedy Space Center

Space Commerce Way

Merrit Island



Wallops Flight Facility

Wallops Island